Sustainable living colors

We are committed to reducing the textile industry's impact on the environment, which is why we innovate in the way pigments are produced and the way we dye.

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The textile industry is the 2nd most polluting in the world.

It represents the pollution of 20% of the world's drinkable water. We´re here to biohack it and build a more sustainable future.

Our biobank

We built a Biobank with over 100 microorganism strains. Some of them were chosen for their affinity to both natural and synthetic fibers, as well as their resilience to temperature, UV rays, and washing processes.

Our colours

We use metabolic engineering tools to produce our colors in an efficient way.

Our dyeing process

We identified the production of enzymes that can be used in the dyeing process.

Our team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals with experience in science, industry, and business.

  • Gustavo Freytes portrait

    Gustavo Freytes

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Second-time founder. Attended the Innovation Experience program in Israel, the HIT by Endeavor, Google for Startups' ‘Impaqto’ and Acelera Latam G7.

  • Rodrigo Asili portrait

    Rodrigo Asili

    Co-Founder / COO

    Microbiologist with extensive experience in the agro-industrial sector. Expert in sustainable production processes. Partner and R&D Director at Summabio.

  • Magalí Mendez portrait

    Ma. Magalí Mendez

    Co-Founder / CBO

    MA in Biodesign. Expert in sustainable design and product development. Participated in Seaworthy Collective’s Founder Mentorship Program.